Team Info

ODA is composed of many divers, ranging in ability. To organize and train dedicated athletes, we have developed a program consisting of progressive levels of non-competitive and competitive diving. Each level is designed to challenge the diver’s talents and capabilities while at the same time taking into consideration the inherent differences and needs of each level, psychologically, emotionally, physically, and socially. In this way, each diver is assured of a program that is geared toward long-term success. Anyone interested in participating in diving instruction is eligible for membership, regardless of age or ability. Each new diver is placed in his or her proper instructional group, according to age and ability. Team membership is limited to available space, as determined by the coaches.

All ODA policies, agreements (liability, code of conduct, etc.), rules & regulations, releases, medical and emergency contact info will be viewed and accepted electronically through our registration process through ClubAssistant. Joining the team and completing the online registration process signifies a complete acceptance to all the agreements and policies presented and are required as a condition for acceptance into the ODA membership. 

Payments are collected via Credit Card/Debit Card through our online registration host, ClubAssistant. Tuition is billed at the beginning of each month and is automatically withdrawn each month. Cancellation of billing is due 15 days prior to the diver's last workout. All late payments will be assessed a $25 late fee.

Rosen Aquatics & Fitness Center: 
All ODA participants are required to become “Team Members” of the Rosen Aquatic & Fitness Center. This will include a $20.00 monthly membership fee.

Any diver joining the team after the 15th of the month will be prorated for 1/2 the month. Full payment will be due for the next full month.

Any diver choosing to leave the team will need to provide cancellation in writing via email 15 days prior to the month of cancellation. Any notice received after the 15th will be charged for the following month.

Sibling Discount: 
Families with more than one diver in the program will receive 20% off of their second child’s total cost.

Annual Registration:
An annual $100 registration fee is due September 1st of each year to cover various administration costs for the season. Depending on when a diver is joining the club, the registration fee will be pro-rated based on the half of year in which the diver joins. After March 1st the fee will be $50. This fee is non-refundable.