About Us

Our Goal: 
The Orlando Dive Academy is committed to providing a place for everyone who has a passion to pursue the beautiful sport of diving. Many divers dream of making the Olympic Games, others dream of making their High School teams, or receiving a well-earned scholarship to college. Others may simply want to experience the fun and beauty this sport has to offer. No matter what their dream, we are here to maintain a fun atmosphere to nurture these dreams and help them come true. The coaching staff provides a program that is a positive, respectful, and disciplined learning environment to teach athletes lifelong skills of discipline, self-confidence, and teamwork. 

Learn to Dive:  LTD Divers are beginner divers who are currently working on basic diving skills including hurdles, entries (line-ups), and basic dives. Once our LTD Divers finish their basic entry level classes, they will progress on to the Future Champions group.

Future Champions Tier 1 & Tier 2: Future Champions (FC) are our athletes who are currently working on learning the required number of dives necessary to compete in the Junior Olympic event for their age group. Divers in this group work on basic voluntary dives in all directions (101, 201, 301, 401) and develop their optional dives. Tier 1: FC Level 1-4, Tier 2: FC Level 4-8.

Junior Olympic (JO) Team: Junior Olympians (JO) are our highest-level athletes who learn the skills and dives necessary to prepare for advanced competitions for their age group to compete in Junior Olympic events. 

Expectations: Train year round with double practices during the summer. Effort and progress. Compete in appropriate and available competitions. 
Orlando Dive Academy is registered and insured through the Organization and Governance of both USA Diving and AAU Diving. An AAU Membership is required to tryout and practice. USA Diving Memberships are only required for those that choose to compete in USA Diving sanctioned events.

AAU Membership:
Instructions for Membership:
  • Click: Get a Membership
  • Click Youth Athlete box
  • Select sport: Diving - standard coverage $20
  • Complete personal information
  • Club Selection: drop down menu: Orlando Dive Academy (W34W5Y)
  • Finish application with personal information
  • Checkout
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USA Diving Membership:

Instructions for Membership:
  • Join USA Diving
  • Athlete Membership ($40) or Competitive Athlete Membership ($200)
  • Club Affiliation > Association: Florida (Northern FL)
  • Club: Orlando Dive Academy
  • Finish application with personal information
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